Cleanroom Custom Ergonomic Safety Padding

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**Important Announcement About Our Padding Products**

Since approximately 1992 Pro-Fab, Inc has supplied companies around the globe with Clean Room Manufacturing and Medical Environments custom safety and ergonomic padding solutions. At Pro-Fab we pride ourselves in developing solutions to our customer’s needs. Whether it is a one-off pad design or a production run solution, Pro-Fab met our customer’s requests through our safety and ergonomic foam and coating manufacturer supplier partnership.

Pro-Fab, Inc is dedicated to continual improvement and servicing our customers to the best of our ability. Part of that dedication entails internal evaluation from time to time in order to identify how we can continue that development as a valued supplier to our customers. What has made Pro-Fab successful over the years has been our ability to maintain as much in-house manufacturing capability as possible. This allows us to provide our customers with consistently high levels of quality, shortened lead times, and cost control.

With these things in mind, Pro-Fab is now in the process of establishing a full in-house manufacturing line for our clean room padding products. This is exciting because we know that we will be able to meet our commitment to our customers in the areas of quality, costs, and lead times.

Short-Term Limited Design Options

This development will create some short-term constraints to our customers because until this process is fully proven and in-house operational Pro-Fab is limited to supplying the following part numbers only. Once operations initiate all part numbers, and more will become available once again.

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Clean Room Safety Padding

Cleanroom Certified padding does not shed contaminants like particles or vapors that could contaminate products such as computer chips or pharmaceuticals in cleanroom environments.

Common types include:

  • Keyboard Wrist Pads
  • Knee Pads
  • Cleanroom Mouse Pads
  • Cleanroom Wrist Pads
    Corner & Edge Pads for bump protection where sharp corners protrude in maintenance areas around equipment or production areas
  • EMO switches (emergency off switches) – these protrude and can be hit accidentally, hurting the worker and shutting down a machine
  • Back pads – when maintenance workers have to slide under a machine, the back pad makes the job more comfortable and protects against injuries like bruises or abrasions
  • Floor Mats – Can be customized to fit in machining and production areas
  • Custom Ergonomic Solutions – We can provide padding to meet your employee’s ergonomic needs.

Pro-Fab’s padding capabilities:

 Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pro-Fab ship padding nationwide?

Yes.  All padding is fabricated here in New Mexico and shipped to your location.  For customers here in New Mexico, you are welcome to pick up padding on site.

Do you warranty your padding products?

Yes, we offer a 1-year warranty, however, padding generally lasts up to 10 years.

Nitrile Foam Safety Padding

Our padding products are made from the same type of material as cleanroom approved gloves.

Cleanroom padding protects production and maintenance workers from injuries caused by accidental bumps into sharp corners or edges. Safety padding is also used to prevent fatigue by having keyboard tray wrist pads or mouse pads. Industries such as pharmaceutical or semiconductor manufacturing facilities that have equipment that needs frequent maintenance or monitoring would use this type of padding. Safety padding is installed to reduce the risk for head bumps, back abrasion from crawling under machines or production equipment. Ergonomic padding also helps reduce fatigue from leaning on a sharp edge for extended periods of time.

Explore our current clean room padding products. At this time we are limited to these padding options only. We will begin offering custom padding solutions beyond the products listed below as soon as our in-house production is up and running. We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers. 

View Available Padding Products