Sheet Metal Fabrication and Production

Custom Sheet Metal Services

Pro-Fab utilizes sheet metal for a variety of custom fabrication projects for manufacturing facilities. Many of the carts, workstations, steps, and countless other projects we produce for our clients utilize sheet metal in some form.  To streamline our fabrication production services we cut, punch and form our own sheet metal needs in-house. We have the equipment and experienced technical staff to produce the sheet metal to specs for all of the custom products we design and fabricate.  

Production Sheet Metal

Pro-Fab offers custom sheet metal fabrication for a wide range of industries, both locally in New Mexico and across the world. Our experts can form, cut & weld to your specs or assist with design and engineering for your project needs.

Pro-Fab incorporates custom sheet metal parts into nearly all of its projects. Because of the complex needs of factories, Pro-Fab’s carts, cabinets, and workstations involve work surfaces, brackets, and shelving that are very custom, detailed, and specific to the engineer’s project requirements. If you are an engineer working in a semiconductor, pharmaceutical, or food production factory, Pro-Fab may be able to help with some or all of your project requirements. Please contact us for your custom sheet metal needs.

  • Wiedemann Centrum 3000Q CNC Punches
  • E30160 Durma CNC Brake with 7.96″ Stoke, 10 feet wide max length
  • Atlantic HYD-CNC Shear, 10 feet max length
  • Mitsubishi laser
  • Other small shears and brake

Precision Sheet Metal Production

Pro-Fab utilizes sheet metal in a variety of products we fabricate for manufacturing facilities and ornamental architectural projects. Sheet metal can be laser cut, formed and punched for precision fabrication to build shelving, workstations, carts and other common products used in facilities. Sheet metal is ideal to use in large areas for workstation tops, shelving, and platforms for steps. Typically a punched pattern is used for these areas. Sheet metal is also a smooth, durable, easy to clean surface to use in a factory environment. Pro-Fab is an experienced manufacturer that can provide fast turnaround for projects utilizing sheet metal.  See some of our custom sheet metal fabrication.