Clean Room Approved Safety Pads

Clean Room Safety Padding

Cleanroom padding protects production and maintenance workers from injuries caused by accidental bumps into sharp corners or edges. Safety padding is also used to prevent fatigue by providing soft surfaces to lean, kneel, lay, or wrest your wrists on like keyboard and mouse wrist pads. Industries such as pharmaceutical or semiconductor manufacturing facilities that perform frequent maintenance activities in uncomfortable positions often consider ways to improve the conditions for their workers. Temporary or permanently installed padding products can help solve many of these safety or ergonomic issues. Safety padding can be installed to reduce the risk from head bumps, back abrasion from crawling under machines or production equipment. Ergonomic padding also helps reduce fatigue from leaning on a sharp edge for an extended period. Our cleanroom padding has been used in many major manufacturer's clean environments all over the world from semiconductor to pharmaceutical and many others. If you'd like to request a sample of our padding materials to evaluate for your environment, please send a request through our contact page.

Common types include:

  • Keyboard Wrist Pads
  • Knee Pads
  • Cleanroom Mouse Pads
  • Cleanroom Wrist Pads
  • Corner & Edge Pads for bump protection where sharp corners protrude in maintenance areas around equipment or production areas
  • EMO switches (emergency off switches) – the housings of EMO switches often protrude and create bump hazards
  • Back pads – when maintenance workers must slide under a machine, the back pad makes the job more comfortable and protects against injuries like bruises or abrasions
  • Floor Mats – Can be customized to fit in machining and production areas
  • Custom Ergonomic Solutions – We can provide padding to meet your employee’s ergonomic needs.


PVC Coating:
The PVC coating provides a smooth cleanable surface for the foam-based pad. Standard color is blue, but it is also available in orange and yellow. The coating will encapsulate all exposed closed cell foam surfaces along with a substrate if used. Silkscreen markings can be applied to this PVC surface to add any necessary information required by the customer.

The cushion is provided by Nitrile or EVA closed cell foam. It is available in various densities to match the customer requirement. Closed cell foam has a low particle shed rate and low absorption rate in the event that the PVC coating is punctured, making it ideal for padding use in cleanroom environments.

Product Design Considerations

Our PVC coated closed cell foam is intended for human bump protection and to provide ergonomic comfort do technicians during tasks.

Puncture Resistance:
It is not resistant to puncture from sharp objects and the product must be designed accordingly to be long lasting in your environment. Our engineers frequently integrate a rigid PVC plastic substrate to create a hard surface on one side of the pad to allow for increased durability where needed. The PVC coating (standard blue in color) will encase both the foam and the integrated substrate together.

Dimensional Tolerance Expectations:
Pads without substrates have very high contraction rates as the PVC coating cures. The tolerance on foam only products will be +/- 5% in any length or width dimension. And up to +/- 15% in the thickness dimension. This means, a foam only pad requirement that is 12” x 12” x 1” thick, may contract to 11.4” x 11.4” x .85”. This manufacturing difficulty can’t be controlled on low volume manufacturing runs, so we ask our customers to consider what works best for their requirement. Often, the customer requirement does not call for close dimensions as the pad is used simply for kneeling or lying down on and will not affect the desired protection that the pad provides. If higher tolerances are required to fit within a specific space, we sometimes integrate a rigid PVC board or sheet metal substrate to control the dimensions of the padding product.

Typical mounting methods for permanently installed pads include mushroom head hook and loop (cleanroom non-fibrous type velcro) for replaceability in high wear environments and 3M double sided tape for more permanent installations in low wear environments. When a substrate is integrated into a pad, it also provides mechanical mounting opportunities including embedded metal threaded inserts, tapped holes, and nylon strap holes.
Our engineers can help to develop a solution to match your criteria.
Please contact us with your request here.

We keep 4 of our most commonly used padding products in stock and available for purchase online here. All other products are made to order. Estimated lead time for new orders is approximately 8-14 weeks depending on complexity of the design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pro-Fab ship padding worldwide?

Yes! Pro-Fab ships to manufacturing sites all over the world. Our products are made in USA.

Do you warranty your padding products?

Yes, we offer a 1-year warranty, however, padding generally lasts up to 10 years.

Please note: The PVC coated closed cell foam product is not puncture proof. If your requirement includes exposure to sharp metal edges, we may want to incorporate a rigid plastic substrate under the foam to keep the padded product from becoming damaged.
Work with one of our engineers to ensure your design allows for a lasting solution.

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