Custom Sink Stations

Custom Fabrication & Design

Stainless Steel Sinks are custom made to meet your standard. Custom stainless steel sinks can be configured as you like: singe basin, double basin, triple – any number of sink basins can be custom manufactured to produce a stainless steel sink. If you need just one stainless steel sink or many, no minimum quantities apply. Customization of stainless steel sinks includes custom backsplash, drain boards, showers, faucets, and graduation marks etched onto the basins. Custom stainless steel sinks are typically made from 304 stainless, but also can be ordered in 316L stainless. Pro-Fab’s custom stainless steel sinks are manufactured to order on site and shipped to the customer.

Clean Room & Industry Approved

Hospitals, laboratories, and pharmaceutical industries have made us of Pro-Fab’s custom stainless steel sinks. Government facilities that have specific ergonomic requirements can order adjustable height custom stainless steel sinks. The adjustable height stainless steel sink is designed to be ergonomic for people of all sizes – short or tall.

Clean rooms that require a custom stainless steel sink from Pro-Fab benefit because Pro-Fab sinks are designed to have smooth and cleanable surfaces that allow for easy wipe down and cleaning. Custom stainless steel sinks are made from 304 stainless steel, which is in compliance with clean room standards.

Stainless Steel Sink FAQ’s

Built in New Mexico – Shipped Worldwide

Pro-Fab fabricates custom stainless steel sinks in any basin configuration in-house and ships to the customer.

Custom Designed Sinks

Pro-Fab always produces drawings of the custom stainless steel sink prior to manufacturing. Customers who have placed an order have access to the 3D model and drawings of the custom stainless steel sink.

Fast Turn Around

Non-adjustable height sinks take 6-8 weeks to build, while adjustable height sinks take 8-10 weeks to build.

1 Year Warranty

Pro-Fab custom stainless steel sinks are warranted for one year to be free of defects.

Built to Last

Stainless steel sinks should less for 30 years under normal use. Adjustable height sinks may need the actuators replaced or repaired after 10-15 years.