Certified Cleanroom Furniture & Product Fabrication

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication, Design, and Specs

Pro-Fab understands the design standards when it comes to fabricating benches, cabinets, workstation – or any piece of ancillary equipment needed for workers in cleanroom environments. Pro-Fab understands the need to select clean-room compatible materials such as 304-series stainless steel or 316-series stainless steel. At Pro-Fab we understand that any piece of equipment needs to be wiped down and cleaned regularly, and our experienced designers take clean room compatibility seriously.

Custom Design, Engineering & Fabrication

At Pro-Fab, we can supply engineers with 3D drawings using SolidWorks to envision your cleanroom product as part of the bidding process. Because real estate in cleanrooms is at a premium, designers at Pro-Fab work hard to meet your space constraints and ergonomic concerns. Pro-Fab’s experienced designers are able to work with you to design products you need specific to your cleanroom needs. Plus we are a full-service fabrication shop so we can complete your products from design to fabrication and finishing. We have full finishing services in-house including electropolishing and powder coating, so your products will ship from our factory ready to use.

Common clean room products we fabricate:

Below is a list of common products we fabricate for cleanrooms across the country. We also understand SEMI specifications and have built loading carts and transport carts to fit within SEMI spec guidelines.

Custom solutions for your critical environment

Over the years Pro-Fab, Inc has provided unique solutions to our customers such as bolt-on rails for tables and workstations, bar code gun holders, various brackets and fixtures, and monitor mounts.  We have found that many of these items are common to other factories.  Take a look at our spec sheets below for some of our more common products to see if your small project already has a solution.  If not, give us a call and we will design a solution to fit your facility’s needs.

Because we are a full-service fabrication company we can control quality while streamlining the production of your products to meet your facility needs. We have all the necessary equipment to machine parts, cut and shape metal needs and finish your products. Upon completion, we can ship directly to your factory or facility anywhere in the world.

Our Fabrication Process

Pro-Fab listens to your needs to understand the exacting requirements that a clean room environment presents. Pro-Fab then offers a proposal drawing, which is a simplified version of the final product, drawn in Solidworks, to help the engineer visualize the product, and to verify that the key features of the build have been captured. Upon approval of the proposal drawing, Pro-Fab offers a quote for the build. Upon receipt of an order, the build is queued for production in our in-house