Powder Coating Finishing

Brilliant durable finish for metal products

Pro-Fab provides powder coating finishing options for all the metal products we fabricate in our facility.  Powder coating is a three-step metal finishing process that gives a wet paint look. Pro-Fab offers powder coating because of the superior properties that powder coating has over wet paint. The three steps to powder coating are: media blasting (formerly known as sand blasting), to reveal the pure base metal, application of the powder, which comes in thousands of colors and textures, and baking of the work piece in a large oven to melt the powder. The melting of the powder causes it to adhere to the base metal surface.

Products we powder coat

Pro-Fab can powder coat anything we fabricate in-house. We usually provide a powder coated finish for customers who desire a tough, durable, and brilliant finish. Pro-Fab has all the equipment necessary to complete the powder coating finishing process before shipping your products to you. Our fabrication shop has a blast booth that is 10’x22’x22’. We also have a full paint booth with several color options to choose from and a powder coating oven to adhere the paint to the metal. While we typically powder coat products that we build for customers, we do have the ability to take walk-in orders to our fab shop in Albuquerque, NM.


Durable finish for your metal products & equipment

Pro-Fab has powder coated a wide range of products and equipment for architectural metal work projects and industrial manufacturing facility equipment. Turn to Pro-Fab for quality customized solutions for your metal fabrication needs. Our engineers and fabricators have several years of experience designing and building solutions for industrial and manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. We also fabricate and finish architectural metal works projects like park benches and bus shelters. We work with General Contractors to provide ornamental and specialty metalwork solutions for many projects.