Aluminum, Stainless Steel, & Mild Steel Welding

Pro-Fab has certified welders on site to weld aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel. Pro-Fab design and manufactures material handling or transport products such as carts, cabinets, and fixtures for a variety of technical industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and research and development projects. Pro-Fab machines and welds in-house: we do not outsource. Do you have a weldment that you need produced? Please consider Pro-Fab: we have produced hundreds of weldment over the years and would appreciate the chance to meet your custom welding and fabricating needs.

Types of welding we offer

MIG welding lays down a fast bead with a wire spool while TIG welding uses an electrode, either by itself or with filler rod, to join the metal pieces together. Use MIG for big, heavy parts – use TIG for finer detailed work pieces.

Pro-fab has certified welders for:

  • D1.2 GTAW
  • D1.6 GTAW
  • D9.1 GTAW

Welding in Fabrication Process

Pro-Fab welds as part of its manufacturing process. A typical weld job for Pro-Fab involves machined components, which we do in-house, and structural shapes, like tubing or channel. Pro-Fab also can weld on-site at your location.