Benefits of Adjustable Height Workstations

The Cleanroom Adjustable Height Workstation has many benefits in its design to allow the operator to quickly change the height of the table to ensure a comfortable, ergonomic work environment. They are available in standard and customized configurations to meet on-site conditions.

Key Benefits of Adjustable Height Workstations: 

  • Control your work environment with easy-to-clean surfaces and materials.
  • Increase productivity with a flexible modular design.
  • Support your lean initiatives by reducing non-value added motions.
  • Support employee engagement with a workstation that fits their preferred height.
  • Accessible to many, including those with limited mobility.
  • Save costs by reducing worker injuries.
  • Reduce downtime thanks to virtually maintenance-free quality and components.

Customizable Design 

Adjustable Height Workstations are built with stainless steel tops and frames are available in both 304 and 316 stainless steel with three finish options; #4 Brushed Finish, Electropolished Finish, and Powder Coated. Typically for a 2-legged system the weight limit is approximately 150 lbs, whereas a 4-legged system can support up to 250 lbs. 

Additional accessories are available to be built into the design, such as keyboard trays, mouse trays, barcode gun holders, vacuum wand holders, WIP racks, WIP nests, and more can be added to the adjustable height workstation. 

The Adjustable Height Workstation’s legs are electrically powered, and height adjustability is controlled via an easy-to-use front mount control pad, allowing for custom adjustment dimensions.  

Adjustable Table Control Panel 

A control panel is mounted on the front of the benchtop frame which contains all necessary switches for up/down table motion and to level the work surface. This option is ideal for use with process equipment that requires height adjustment to suit individual operators, as well as for leveling the system or interfacing it with adjacent operations.  

Cleanroom Compatible Design 

The Pro-Fab Adjustable Height Cleanroom Table electric automatic standing workstations are designed for use in a cleanroom environment. The table top features an option between 304 and 316 stainless steel construction, suitable for environments with strict cleaning protocol, and both are made of materials that are ideal for any cleanroom where harsh chemicals will be used, due to their corrosion resistance. The thermally protected lifters are completely sealed inside the legs to ensure particle retention and cleanroom compatibility. Because a Pro-Fab Adjustable Height Workstation provides smooth, controlled height adjustment under heavy loads, it allows automatic height adjustment of vibration-sensitive equipment. Typically you can bring delicate test equipment, even liquids, to the optimal level without lengthy disruption, thereby saving time. 

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