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Equipment & Products for Semiconductor Facilities

Pro-Fab Inc. has provided wafer transport carts, FOUP storage racks, WIP nests, WIP carts, and other material handling needs for the semiconductor manufacturing industries since 1992. At Pro-Fab, we understand the anti-vibration, clean design, and ergonomic requirements for carts, tables, and cabinets used in semiconductor manufacturing facilities. Pro-Fab offers engineering and design support to assist you with your cleanroom approved carts, table and cabinet requirements.

Semiconductor Clean Room Standards

Pro-Fab understands clean room requirements and incorporates clean room standards into its products. Pro-Fab’s clean room furniture is designed for ease of wipe down, ergonomic ease of use, and the materials selected are clean-room approved.

Custom Builds

Interested in Pro-Fab’s offerings for clean room benches, cabinets, or material transport carts? Feel free to review the on-line catalogue, or gives us a call or drop us an e-mail and describe your custom requirement. Nearly all of Pro-Fab’s builds are custom, so please do not hesitate to contact Pro-Fab for your fabrication needs.

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