Medical & Pharmaceutical Labs

Custom Fabricated Solutions for Cleanrooms

Pro-Fab has a long history providing stainless steel equipment, such as cleanroom carts, cabinets, rolling platforms, adjustable height workstations, and cleanroom safety padding for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. This is because medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities require cleanroom products made from stainless steel or approved plastics. Pro-Fab is experienced in the fabrication requirements necessary for products used in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment.

Medical Equipment Fabrication

Pro-Fab custom fabricates material transport carts, service platforms, safety pads, storage racks, and cabinets specifically for the pharmaceutical manufacturing environment. Pro-Fab builds to order, either from your design or from one of Pro-Fab’s various products. Frequently, an engineer who works in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment will contact Pro-Fab with a project they need help with and work with Pro-Fab on the specs. Pro-Fab offers design and engineering assistance to help you solve your problem – and then we manufacture in-house so that we have total quality control over production.

Custom Fabrication to Order

Pro-Fab has a full range of products to choose from or send us your own design to manufacture. Your order is custom-built to your factory/facility needs. Each order is prepped by our designers and engineers then sent to our manufacturing area where the metal is shaped, cut, folded, or welded to build the product(s). Pro-Fab also provides various finishes for your products from electropolishing to powder coating. Your products will be inspected prior to leaving our facility and shipped directly to you. Pro-Fab’s ability to complete the fabrication process in-house allows for quality control and streamlined service and fast turnaround.

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