Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance: More Than Meets the Eye


Quality assurance in fabrication involves a series of meticulous checks and assessments at various stages of production. These checks typically encompass first article inspection, in-process inspections, and final inspections. While these are industry standards, Pro-Fab elevates the quality assurance process with the latest technology to deliver exceptional results.

Precision and quality are non-negotiable in the world of custom fabrication. Pro-Fab is a known leader in the industry, and has always been synonymous with top-notch craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to excellence. When it comes to quality assurance, Pro-Fab goes above and beyond, utilizing rigorous inspection processes to guarantee accuracy and reliability in every project.  In addition, we can prove it.  With meticulous inspection records and precise reports generated by CMM and 3D Optical Profilometer technology, we have the proof to provide you with peace of mind that your products are made to your exact specifications.

Keyecence 3D Optical Profilometer
Image of design blueprint for quality assurance

First Article Inspection


At Pro-Fab, the journey toward impeccable quality starts with a comprehensive first article inspection. This initial step ensures the project begins on the right track, with all specifications and requirements clearly defined and understood. Pro-Fab's expert team reviews drawings, specifications, 3D models, and any special instructions to create a precise roadmap for the fabrication process. This proactive approach minimizes the chances of errors and deviations, setting the stage for a successful project.

In-Process Inspections

Pro-Fab understands that maintaining quality throughout the production process is paramount. To achieve this, we employ a rigorous system of in-process inspections. These assessments occur at critical points during fabrication, allowing for real-time monitoring and adjustment as needed. This proactive approach ensures that any deviations from the specified tolerances or design requirements are promptly identified and addressed, preventing issues from escalating into costly problems down the line.
Image of product during in-process inspections
Image of product rendering in final stages

Final Inspections

The final inspection is the last line of defense before a project leaves the Pro-Fab facility. Here, every aspect of the finished product is meticulously examined to ensure that it meets or exceeds industry standards and customer expectations. This includes confirming dimensions, surface finish, material integrity, and more. It is a crucial step in Pro-Fab's quality assurance process, and only after successful completion is a project considered ready for delivery.

Going Beyond: Utilizing State-of-the-Art Technology

What sets Pro-Fab apart is our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of quality assurance. We recognize that relying solely on traditional inspection methods may have limitations, which is why we invest in cutting-edge technology to enhance accuracy and efficiency.

Handheld CMM Coordinate Measuring

Pro-Fab utilizes state-of-the-art Handheld Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) to achieve the highest level of accuracy in dimensional inspections. These portable devices allow inspectors to precisely measure complex geometries and features, ensuring that every detail conforms to the required specifications. Handheld CMMs are versatile and can be used on a wide range of materials, making them an invaluable tool in Pro-Fab's quality assurance arsenal.

Image of optical comparator technology used for quality assurance

Optical Comparator Technology

In addition to handheld CMMs, Pro-Fab employs advanced Optical Comparator technology. Optical comparators use magnification and illumination to create highly detailed, enlarged images of the inspected part. This method is ideal for assessing intricate features, fine details, and surface finishes with exceptional precision. It provides inspectors with a comprehensive view of the workpiece, enabling us to identify even the slightest imperfections.


When you partner with Pro-Fab, you can be confident that your project will not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our relentless pursuit of quality is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering the finest craftsmanship in the industry. For projects where precision matters most, Pro-Fab stands ready to turn your vision into reality with unmatched quality assurance. Contact us today to review your upcoming project and receive a quote!

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