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At Pro-Fab, our metal and plastic services allow us to be more innovative and come up with creative solutions for highly complex products and mechanical assemblies. We provide our customers with flexibility and scalability. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your next project.

Design & Engineering

Pro-Fab has a team of skilled designers using SolidWorks that allows us to assist our clients with their design and engineering challenges. At Pro-Fab, we can take your concept and add detail, and then provide a quote for fabricating the item. From brackets to PLC-controlled machines, Pro-Fab has the design capabilities to keep your project moving. We also have the ability and experience in reverse engineering parts and products you may need for your facility. Our designers are here to assist with your project needs. From 3D modeling to modifying existing specs to meet your production needs, you can count on our team of professionals to provide seamless, quality service.


Pro-Fab uses cutting edge CNC equipment to machine parts for our customers. Our expert machinists are experienced in machining stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and a variety of plastics to manufacture your products. Having machinists in house allows for seamless manufacturing and quality control. Many components we machine are used in larger assemblies that we manufacturer. We are ITAR registered to be able to handle any defense related needs.

  • Semiconductor Facilities
  • Defense Contractors
  • Aviation
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing Factories
  • Food Production Factories
  • Packaging

Machine Shop Equipment and Capabilities

Haas VF-113-Axis Milling120"X x 40"Y x 30"Z
Haas VF-6 3-Axis Milling64"X x 32"Y x 30"Z
Haas VF-4SS4-Axis Milling64"X x 32"Y x 30"Z
Haas VF-25-Axis Milling30"X x 16"Y x 20"Z
Haas VF-23-Axis Milling30"X x 16"Y x 20"Z
Haas Mini Mill3-Axis Milling16"X x 12"Y x 10"Z
AXYS Router3-Axis Milling48"X x 120"Y x 5"Z
Haas SL20 Lathe/Turning10"OD x 10"L

Machine Shop Equipment and Capabilities

2024303Acetal (Delrin)Mild steelBrass
5052304PolypropyleneAlloy steelCopper
PTFE (Teflon)

Machined Parts Finishing Options

AnodizedElectropolishedPowder Coated
Hard AnodizedPassivatedPainted
Powder CoatedBrushed/PolishedMachined/Raw
PaintedPowder Coated
Chemical ConversionPainted
Chemical ConversionMachined/Raw


Pro-Fab has certified welders on site to weld aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel. Pro-Fab design and manufactures material handling or transport products such as carts, cabinets, and fixtures for a variety of technical industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and research and development projects. Pro-Fab machines and welds in-house: we do not outsource. Do you have a weldment that you need produced? Please consider Pro-Fab: we have produced hundreds of weldment over the years and would appreciate the chance to meet your custom welding and fabricating needs.

Pro-fab has certified welders for:

  • D1.2 GTAW
  • D1.6 GTAW
  • D9.1 GTAW

Sheet Metal

Pro-Fab utilizes sheet metal for a variety of custom fabrication projects for manufacturing facilities. Many of the carts, workstations, steps, and countless other projects we produce for our clients utilize sheet metal in some form. To streamline our fabrication production services we cut, punch and form our own sheet metal needs in-house. We have the equipment and experienced technical staff to produce the sheet metal to specs for all of the custom products we design and fabricate.

Sheet Metal Equipment & Capabilities

Mitsubishi 4kw CNC LaserCutting120"X x 60"Y x 1/2" thick
Wiedemann CNC Turret PunchPunching120"X x 48"Y x 1/8" thick
Mitsubishi BH8525 CNC Press BrakeForming102" Long, 94 Ton
Durma E30160 CNC Press BrakeForming120" Long, 170 Ton
LVD 50 Ton Press BrakeForming50" long, 50 Ton
Atlantic HYD-CNC ShearShearing120" long, 3/16" thick
48" Slip RollRolling48" wide x 1/8" thick
PemsetterHardware PEM studs and PEM nuts

Common Materials in Sheet Metal

2024 up to 1/4" thick304 up to 1/2" thickMild steel up to 1/2" thick
5052 up to 1/4" thick316 up to 1/2" thickAlloy steel up to 1/2" thick
6061 up to 1/4" thick
7075 up to 1/4" thick

Sheet Metal Parts Finishing Options

AnodizedElectropolishedPowder Coated
Hard AnodizedPassivatedPainted
Powder CoatedBrushed/PolishedRaw
PaintedPowder Coated
Chemical ConversionPainted

Laser Cutting

Need laser cutting services for your metal parts? Upload your DXF files here and we’ll get right back to you with a quote on your parts. Laser cutting offers a high quality edge cut and tighter dimensional tolerances than other cutting methods. Standard materials are steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.


Pro-Fab employs a team of skilled technicians to perform in-house assembly on all of our products. Our team has extensive experience in assembly of small handheld tools, carts, cabinets, all the way up to complex assemblies with thousands of components.

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