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We produce a wide range of products for manufacturing facilities. Some common products we get requests for are outlined below. However, Pro-Fab is a leading custom manufacturing company for critical environments, defense, energy and commercial industries and is capable of customized solutions for your facility. Please explore our capabilities below.


Whether for additional storage or as an essential function of your business, our cabinets are made with exceptional quality and can be used for a variety of purposes.

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Custom Sink Stations

Each of these are crucial aspects of the manufacturing industry, helping to ensure quality, cleanliness, and safety standards. Shop today to improve your plant or warehouse.

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Cleanroom Approved Safety Pads

Made with ergonomic, nitrile foam, these padding solutions help ensure the safety of employees within a manufacturing environment and are cleanroom certified.

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Wafer Transport Carts

Extensive experience designing wafer transport carts to meet semiconductor customer needs. We have many designs to fit 100mm to 300mm wafer cassettes and lot boxes.

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Reticle Racks & Carts

Reticle storage and transport solutions available in many configurations to suit the needs of semiconductor manufacturing facilities.

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Adjustable Height Workstations

Height adjustable workstations for clean environments allow customers to ensure optimized ergonomic conditions for employees.

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Rolling Platforms, Ladders, Stairs

Stainless steel rolling platforms used for access in clean environments. Available in standard and custom configurations.

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Clean Room Tables, Inspection Tables, and WIP Tables

Customized tables for critical environments are available in limitless configurations and materials.

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WIP Racks and Storage Racks

WIP Racks and storage racks offer customized clean environment storage to meet various manufacturing environment needs. Racks can be customized to fit various lot boxes, cassettes, or other manufacturing containers.

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Polypropylene Fabricated Products

Corrosive environments may require plastic fabricated carts and cabinets and various other fixtures. Using polypropylene sheet material, we can fabricate products to serve many vital functions in manufacturing environments.

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Fixed Height Work Stations

Workstations can be designed and built to meet any manufacturing need. Typical materials include stainless steel with various finishing options.

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Miscellaneous Carts

We specialize in custom stainless carts to meet your manufacturing or facility needs.

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