Commercial Custom Metal Fabrication

Architectural and Commercial Metal Fabrication

Using Stainless Steel, Aluminum, & Copper

Pro-Fab offers optimum quality and service in our fabrication facility. We can handle fabrication projects of various material types including Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum in a wide range of complexity, sizes, and quantity from hundreds of Bus Shelters and Solar (Photovoltaic) Systems to Custom “one-off” Outdoor Test Site Laboratory Bridges and small frames and fixtures.

Pro-Fab’s primary focus within the construction industries division is Ornamental Metals. Ornamental metals consist of exposed, finished metalwork intended for decorative and “monumental” purposes, such as large canopies, ornaments, embellishments, cladding and other similar items. Ornamental projects cover a range of specialty materials such as stainless steel, bronze, brass, aluminum, copper, etc. Pro-Fab is unique among competitors in offering Ornamental Metalwork based on our in-house custom design capabilities coupled with broad manufacturing capabilities that provide for creativity through skill in the manufacturing process.

Ornamental metals require specialized experience to design and manufacture. The materials and conceptual layout of the decorative portion of a project are often relatively broad and proper execution depends almost entirely on the skill and creativity of the manufacturer. Often, a project’s relative degree of difficulty is primarily a result of the complex decorative and ornamental design. Pro-Fab leverages its expertise in engineering and manufacturing to devise creative solutions to the broad design concepts in the project drawings. Pro-Fab’s 25,000 SF manufacturing facility includes CNC Machining, Precision Sheet Metal, MIG and TIG Welding and our large in-house powder coating facility gives us the competitive edge to get a project done on time, on budget, and with high customer satisfaction.

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